Resume Score (Technical)

What is a Resume Score?

Carmen’s resume score focuses on 3 primary components

1. Hard skills
2. Soft skills
3. Education and Experience


How it works

Each job has a detailed set of requirements that employers garner as important for a candidate to succeed in that role. It is a common practice for employers who use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to filter out job applications that do not meet the required qualifications described in a job requisition. The ATSs processes this by using keywords related to specific skills determined by the employer and ATS as important for the job.

Carmen’s resume score is designed to provide context to guide job candidates to efficiently tailor their resume to the key requirements for a particular job. Job candidates should aim for directional improvement towards a higher resume score by properly expressing the skills they have in their resume, that are relevant for the job.

Carmen leverages a growing and proprietary data set of over 13,000 hard and soft skills to help job candidates find the best matched jobs and to optimize their resumes and professional profiles.

Hard skills

Hard skills are specific, teachable abilities that can be defined and measured, such as reading, algebra, drawing, marketing, or writing software code.

Hard skills typically comprise 60% of Carmen’s resume score but can technically range up to all 100% of the score depending on whether the job requires soft skills and education.

When possible, Carmen will also compare the skills in your resume and in the job, based on years of experience possessed/required. Carmen allocates a partial score when the years requested for a certain skill by a job aren’t fully met.


Core skills (within Hard skills)

Carmen also determines whether there is a core skill or set of core skills for any particular job and values a core skill more than an ordinary hard skill.

We define our core skills based on our analysis of millions of job descriptions and job titles, and their common requirements across similar roles. Core skills have a purple accent corner noted on the top left of a skill card to emphasize its value.


Soft skills

Soft skills are less tangible, qualitative skills such as creativity, attention to detail, time management, and competitiveness. Soft skills comprise as much as 10% of Carmen’s resume score.

Education and Experience

Education and experience can comprise as much as 30% of Carmen’s resume score. The scoring allocation between education and experience counterbalance each other. The lesser the experience requirements, the greater the weighting towards education, and vice versa. We believe that this aligns with the real world relationship between education and experience for most job roles.

Finally, keep in mind that your resume may contain significantly more skills than what is displayed by Carmen (in our skills cards) because the job description does not require them.